My constant asking for guest comics has been answered, and I now have approximately eight of them. Four of them will be posted during the week of November 1, hereby known as Beeserker Guest Week Part I: The Week The Thursday Updates Came Back. The other four will be saved for later in the year – probably during holiday season.

Anyway, I’m going to be using this week off to better myself as a person. If you’ll recall, I was part of a team that made Beeserker: The Videogame a month or so ago. I did all of the art, and some of the dialogue, but didn’t code a line of it. Recently, I started to learn how to use Flixel, the platform we built BTV on, and as an exercise, I am seeing if I can recreate parts of the game myself. I even added a new enemy, who you might recognize from a recent Beeserker strip. Because today’s Halloween, it’s only appropriate that I share a demo of it with you!

[Controls: A=left D=right J=jump B=dance]