My constant asking for guest comics has been answered, and I now have approximately eight of them. Four of them will be posted during the week of November 1, hereby known as Beeserker Guest Week Part I: The Week The Thursday Updates Came Back. The other four will be saved for later in the year – probably during holiday season.

Anyway, I’m going to be using this week off to better myself as a person. If you’ll recall, I was part of a team that made Beeserker: The Videogame a month or so ago. I did all of the art, and some of the dialogue, but didn’t code a line of it. Recently, I started to learn how to use Flixel, the platform we built BTV on, and as an exercise, I am seeing if I can recreate parts of the game myself. I even added a new enemy, who you might recognize from a recent Beeserker strip. Because today’s Halloween, it’s only appropriate that I share a demo of it with you!

[Controls: A=left D=right J=jump B=dance]

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  1. Jety

    I fell off the game!

  2. Mastercodex

    I miss the dance button

  3. damousies

    But where’s the dance button D:

  4. Kyatt

    This demo has a dance button – it’s just a different key this time around. I updated the instructions accordingly.

  5. Mastercodex

    Here’s a fun challenge. Get the scootsie ghosts on top of the spawn point. Then just endlessly twist left/right from them being on top of you and you getting resent back there. You can drill to the top of the screen for some odd reason.

  6. Jety Lefr

    holy shyt, I found a way to record the game and change volume (which is useless because the only sound it the volume changer). So cool secrets.

  7. Whisker

    I walked off and then I walked back but then I was in the floor but invisible.

  8. the1truesushiboy

    Very cool! I got stuck in a Scootsie-Boo, though. Wait… Bootsie?

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