It’s the year 2013, and here at Beeserker: The Webcomic About a Robot Powered by Bees, we find ourselves reflecting. This has been a pretty good year here. Beeserker joined The Hiveworks, which has brought in a lot of new readers. I also finally started selling Beeserker merch, even though it was in the form of wooden coasters. On top of all of that, this comic got AN F’N VIDEO GAME BASED ON IT.

This next year is going to be pretty great. Thursday is the beginning of Guest Week II – there are some pretty good comics, some really tall comics, and a good amount of overlap betwixt the two. Also, we’re nearing the official launch of The Hivemill, and I’m going to be making some more prints available there. If that’s not enough, I’m back with Sugar Rockets working on a new game that should be out this year. These are exciting times, people.